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On our site, we will try to make and gather the best walkthroughs and any kind of info about the games that we all love.


Walkthroughs.info was founded in 2014 by two brothers who have a passion for quality games that puts your mind to work. We've been gaming since the commodore 64 came out, so naturally we have a passion for classic gaming, and the games that followed.
We also keep close in mind that the gamers of our generation actually have to go to work and don't have unlimited time on their hands. So we try to keep things as easy as possible.
That would give you an idea of what games you will find here.


When Legend of Grimrock 2 was released, we got the game directly at it's release and figured there were no walkthroughs for the game yet. We decided to write it, and it was greatly carried by the community. This stimulated us to do this for more games, both classics and new games.
Since we had the domain for legendofgrimrock.com, we were rather stuck with only one game, so we decided to find a more global domain name, and make legendofgrimrock.com part of the newly created walkthroughs.info network..

We hope to keep bringing you more and more quality walkthroughs, as we try to get early access and get the game info you all need to play the games easily.
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