Mass Effect

Normandy Crew

David Anderson

Captain Anderson is the Commanding Officer of the Normandy. He has served the Alliance with distinction for many years, and was the first human to be considered for Spectre training. However, the Spectre he was assigned to work with despised humans and ensured that the Citadel Council rejected Anderson's candidacy.


Navigator Pressly is a bridge officer on the Normandy, serving as the ship's navigator. Pressly made a name for himself during the battle for Elysium when his ship helped drive off the batarian invaders. He subsequently received his officer's commission and was selected by Captain Anderson to serve on the Normandy.


Chief Engineer Adams is an experienced officer who can be found monitoring the drive core of the Normandy. He served on virtually every class of ship in the Alliance Navy before being selected for service on the Normandy.


Dr. Chakwas is the only medical professional on the Normandy. She joined the Alliance straight out of medical school in search of "exotic adventure." Even though her career failed to be as romantic as she initially hoped, she remains a loyal member of the Alliance out of a sense of responsibility for the soldiers that depend on her care.


Flight Lieutenant Jeff "Joker" Moreau serves as the helmsman for the Normandy, and claims to be the best pilot in the entire Alliance Navy. Despite suffering from a debilitating bone disease he managed to finish at the top of his class in flight school, winning enough recognition to be selected for the Normandy's crew.

Richard Jenkins

Corporal Jenkins is a marine under the command of Captain Anderson, and serves on the Normandy's ground team. He was born on the colony of Eden Prime, but found it too "calm and quiet," so he joined the Alliance in search of adventure.
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