The Secret of Monkey Island

Stan S. Stanman

Stan is that hyperactive, eccentric, handflailing salesman we have all met at one point or another.

He appears in just about every Monkey Island game and allways comes up with a new exciting salespitch.

Name: Stan S. Stanman
Aka : Smilin' Stan
Residence: He travels from place to place.
Job :
- Used Ship Salesman
- Used Coffin Salesman
- Krypt Salesman
- Cross Salesman
- Mutual of Stan
- Time Share Salesman
- Used Restaurant Supplies
- Real Estate Salesman
- StanTech
- Courtroom Souvenir Salesman

Relatives: -
- The Secret of Monkey Island
- Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
- The Curse of Monkey Island
- Escape from Monkey Island
- Tales of Monkey Island

Voice actor:
- Patrick Pinney
- Gavin Hammon (<3)
- Pat Fraley

Stan moved to Booty Island to open his Coffin Store, because he thought it would be a good business in which to avoid unsatisfied customers coming back to complain.

When he attempted a pitch to Guybrush Threepwood believing him to be interested in a purchase, he sat inside one of his finest coffins (which he called 'The Cadillac of Coffins') to demonstrate how roomy and comfortable it was and pointed out the built in cup holder.

Threepwood however, shut the lid on him and nailed it down, trapping him inside. The coffin was eventually shipped to Blood Island and buried in one of the crypts there.

After three months inside the coffin, Stan was eventually released coincidentally by Guybrush Threepwood. Stan held no malice though, having found that being locked away for so long had given him time to think and reflect.

His thoughts led him to the conclusion that he should begin selling life insurance and promptly set up shop in the crypt that he was released in.

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