Dungeon Master 2
Legend of Skullkeep


Map 17 & 18

1 - Scout Map

2 - Pressure plate
Use the Scout Map while standing on the pressure plate and send it into the path of the spells, this way you can cross this little puzzle.

Room of the Giggler
Note: The giggler is an annoying little thing that keeps pushing buttons, sending fireballs your way. He has little xp so its possible to just rush in and kill him quickly. If you want to play it safe you can always create some barriers or get some fire protection going.
Giggler drops: Magic Box, Bones, Fire Bomb

3 - Moveable Wall

4 - Secret Button
Opens the moveable wall at 6.

5 - Bag
Contains: 2 Red Gems, 1 Green Gem.

6 - Eye of Time

7 - Health Potion, Button
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