Dungeon Master 2
Legend of Skullkeep


Name Bones <Name>Bones1.5-Dead party members can be resurrected by putting their bones into a Vi Altar
Compass (North) Compass0.110
Small Plank Small Plank0.4-
Boulder Boulder9.0-
Vacuum Fuse Vacuum Fuse0.5350
Magikal Box Magikal Box0.9190Freeze
Rune - LoRune - OhRune - IrRune - Ros
Freezes creatures or casts Aura Of Speed.
1 charge
Large Gear Large Gear3.516
Rope Rope1.58DescendUse it while facing a pit to get down without hurting your champions by jumping
Sun Crest Sun Crest2.01
Bones Bones1.5-
Plank Plank1.82
Cover Plate Cover Plate8.512
Tapestry Tapestry1.224
Pyro Pyro8.110
Bone Bone1.5-
Ya Ew Rune - YaRune - Ew1.5-
Attack Minion Attack Minion1.0240Rune - MonRune - ZoRune - EwRune - Ku
Guard Minion Guard Minion1.0200Rune - EeRune - ZoRune - EwRune - Neta
Techeye Techeye3.0-
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