Dragon Age

Human Noble


EVENT: After releasing Sten, Talk to him

3. We're working together, I think I should get to know you.
3. Are you all right? You were in that cage for weeks.
3. You said you were in the army.
3. Why would the qunari send soldiers here?
2. Doesn't that make your view of things a little skewed?
2. Well... good question.
1. True. Lets go.
APPROVAL: Sten approves +4

EVENT: Talk to Sten

1. I have a question.
2. Why did you come to Ferelden?
1. What was the question?
2. What's an arishok?
1. Why does he care about the Blight?
3. I'm a Grey Warden. It's my job.
1. Don't you have to report back, then?
1. So what are you still doing here, then?
3. Well, you can stay with us.
2. What were you doing in that cage?
2. Very funny.
2. Are you going to answer my question?
1. I have a question.
2. Do you find Ferelden very strange?
2. Don't the qunari ever want to change their lot in life?
3. But that makes the turtle stronger.
3. I suppose that's true.
1. Is there anything you like about Ferelden?
1. Cookies?
1. I'll keep that in mind.
1. You sound a bit homesick.
2. You left out rotting garbage.
2. Let's go.
APPROVAL: Sten approves +52

EVENT: Talk to Sten

2. Callow? You thought I was callow?
1. Why did I let you out of that cage again?
1. Well, I find plenty of things puzzling about you, too.
2. I don't think you're that simple.
1. So will you tell me now why you were caged?
1. Exactly what happened?
3. That sounds like what happened to me at Ostagar.
1. You probably dropped it on the battlefield.
1. And then?
2. That's terrible!
1. Couldn't you search for it?
1. Where did you fight the darkspawn?
1. Don't worry, we'll find it.
APPROVAL: Sten approves +20

EVENT: When you go to camp, random conversation with Sten

1. We have to fight the archdemon.
1. Wait, you doubt I'm really a Warden?
3. I'm not here to impress you.
APPROVAL: Sten approves +6
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