Dragon Age

Human Noble


EVENT: After saving First Enchanter Irving

NOTES: This is only possible if you sided with the mages
When Wynne talks about helping you accomplish your goals...
2. I would be honored to have you join me, Wynne.
APPROVAL: Wynne approves +7

EVENT: Talk to Wynne

2. Arl Howe massacred my family. Duncan helped me escape.
2. I am the son of Bryce Cousland, teryn of Highever.
2. Howe will pay for what he's done to me.
4. I just hope that I can show the strength Duncan saw in me.
APPROVAL: Wynne approves +3

EVENT: Talk to Wynne

2. Glory and honor on the battlefield.
2. I don't quite understand.
2. I suppose that makes sense.
2. Many kings are tyrants.
APPROVAL: Wynne approves +2

NOTES: If Morrigan ADORE/LOVE you, Wynne will disapprove by -3 next

EVENT: Talk to Wynne

1. Why didn't you want to stay at the tower?
2. I am glad for your company.
2. I wanted to make sure you really wanted this.
1. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way.
APPROVAL: Wynne approves +3

EVENT: Talk to Wynne

1. I'd like to ask you something about the Circle.
1. How did you become a mage?
1. What about your family?
1. Serves him right.
1. What happened when you arrived at the tower?
1. That's a great story.
1. What was life like in the tower?
1. Atleast you learned the dangers of magic from the Circle.
1. There's nothing else I want to discuss right now.
APPROVAL: Wynne approves +1

EVENT: Talk to Wynne

1. Are you all right?
4. You are very sprightly for your age, though.
1. I'm sure you'll be kicking around for years yet.
APPROVAL: Wynne approves +1

EVENT: Talk to Wynne

1. No, the ones in the tower were the first I've ever seen.
1. Seeing the monster that you could be is unsettling, yes.
1. You have doubts?
1. If one retains one's humanity, one is not an abomination.
APPROVAL: Wynne approves +1

EVENT: Talk to Dagna

NOTES: This is optional when you decide to help Dagna
Add Leliana in your party
1. Can I help you?
3. My companion here is a senior enchanter of the Cirle.
1. We'd be happy to answer any questions.
2. Why wouldn't they?
1. So what do you want with the Circle?
2. And what would the messenger get?
1. I'll talk to the first enchanter next time I see him.
APPROVAL: Wynne approves +2, Leliana approves +1

EVENT: Talk to Zerlinda

NOTES: This is optional when you decide to help Zerlinda and reason
with her family
2. Why doesn't your son's father help you?
2. What's wrong?
2. What happened?
1. Maybe I could reason with your family.
2. I don't like to see a child suffer.
APPROVAL: Wynne approves +2

EVENT: When you come close to Amalia and Kitty

NOTES: This is part of "The Stone Prisoner" DLC
This is Option will betray Kitty
Remove Morrigan in your party
Morrigan will disapproves by -3
Add Alistair in your party
Add Zevran or Leliana in your party
2. Good. You're safe. Your father was worried.
1. The cat... finds me distracting?
1. The cat... talks?
3. Amalia, you need to return to your father.
4. A stranger who finds you very interesting.
2. Don't you think he'll notice something out of place?
2. (Persuade) (Lie) I'll free you, and you can have the girl.
1. I said I'd free you. I didn't say I'd let you live.
APPROVAL: Wynne approves +4, Alistair approves +2
Zevran/Leliana approves +4
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