Mass Effect

The Galaxy Map

To travel around the galaxy using your advanced starship--the Normandy--you must access the galaxy map, located prominently in the center of the command deck.

The first level of the galaxy map is the Galaxy Level, which shows all available star clusters and nebulae you can visit. By moving your cursor over a selected cluster you can see its name and view the relay path the Normandy would take to reach that part of the galaxy. New clusters and systems become available as you complete missions and learn more about the galaxy.

After selecting a location, you zoom in to the Cluster Level, which shows all known star systems within that cluster. To explore a star system you must travel there by clicking on it and confirming that you wish to travel.

When you have arrived at a new system you will see the System Level, which shows all the planets and celestial objects orbiting the star you have traveled to. All planets will have a blue ring showing their orbit. Other objects may be hidden and will require you to move your cursor over them to discover their presence. For example, many asteroid belts have interesting asteroids you can examine, and derelict starships and freighters can also be found in some systems. A hidden object can usually be identified by a small twinkle of light that appears on occasion. To find these objects, move your cursor over the object and press the appropriate button to scan it.

By selecting a planet, moon, or other object you will zoom in to the Planetary Level. This shows you a view of the planet's surface along with a synopsis of important planetary features and information. Many planets are inhospitable to human life, but some can be surveyed for raw materials and interesting artifacts, while others can be explored using the Mako.
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