Mass Effect

Using the Mako

In the cargo hold of the Normandy you can find the M35 Mako, an infantry fighting vehicle that can be used to cover long distances quickly and to provide cover and direct fire support. You can use the A button (E on the PC) to enter the Mako, and the B button (Q on the PC) to exit it.

The Mako is equipped with a machine gun for dealing with infantry, as well as a 155mm cannon for destroying more heavily armored targets. It also comes with jump jets that can be activated using the A button (Spacebar on the PC), which allow the operator to deftly jump over obstacles (or incoming enemy rockets).

If the Mako becomes damaged from enemy fire, press the Y button (F on the PC) to repair it. Doing so uses 15 omni-gel and requires the Mako to be stationary.

It is worth noting that the number of experience points you receive for killing enemies in the Mako is one third of that for killing enemies while on foot. If you are concerned with gaining as much experience as possible you should still use the Mako for travel, but exit the vehicle when you get close enough to engage an enemy. With some of the tougher enemies you can also use the Mako to weaken them, and then finish them off while on foot.

It is helpful to know that enemies aim their attacks at the nose of the Mako. You can use this information to position the front of the vehicle behind an obstacle, leaving the turret free to return fire.
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