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Collecting, using, and upgrading your equipment is important to your success and survival in Mass Effect. The first pieces of useful equipment are your weapons. Every squad member carries four basic weapon types, and Commander Shepard can also throw grenades which detonate automatically after ten seconds if not detonated remotely by pressing the grenade button again.

"Pistols are highly accurate, have little recoil, and are easy to use when moving. They are effective at a variety of ranges, but inflict limited damage."
Trainable by: Soldier, Engineer, Adept, Vanguard, Infiltrator

"Shotguns have a slow rate of fire and high recoil, but inflict massive damage to multiple targets when fired at close range."
Trainable by: Soldier, Vanguard

Assault Rifles:
"Assault rifles are the standard armament of most Soldiers, offering a good balance between firepower, range, and accuracy."
Trainable by: Soldier

Sniper Rifles:
"Sniper rifles have long range, are highly accurate, and inflict significant damage. They have a limited rate of fire, however, and are practically useless at close range.
Trainable by: Soldier, Infiltrator

"Disk-shaped Alliance grenades can glide long distances and also latch onto targets or flat surfaces to be remotely detonated. Only you, as Commander Shepard, can use grenades."

The next major component is armor, which protects the wearer from injury. Each species uses a different set of armor because of inherent differences in physiology. The one exception is the asari, who can wear human armor, and vice versa.

Light Armor:
"Light armor offers a basic level of protection from enemy attacks and minimizes the movement penalties that affect weapon accuracy."
Wearable by: Soldier, Engineer, Adept, Vanguard, Infiltrator, Sentinel

Medium Armor:
"Medium armor offers an increased level of protection, but also increases the movement penalties that affect weapon accuracy."
Wearable by: Soldier, Vanguard (requires training), Infiltrator (requires training)

Heavy Armor:
"Heavy armor offers the highest level of protection from enemy fire, but also has the highest movement penalties affecting weapon accuracy."
Wearable by: Soldier (requires training)

With one exception, all weapons, armors, and grenades can be upgraded to enhance their properties. Upgrades can increase damage, improve shields, and more.

To upgrade equipment, access the Equipment screen through the Mission Computer (or press I on the PC). Equip the item you wish to use and press the X button to view the Upgrade screen on the Xbox 360, or click the appropriate upgrade slot on the PC. Select the desired upgrades and then confirm the upgrade selection.

To modify tech and biotic abilities, special equipment is used:

"Biotics can strengthen their power in specific disciplines by using amps (amplifiers). These specially designed devices often come in the form of small electronic attachments that are worn on a biotic's ear or the back of their head."

"Omni-tools are multipurpose diagnostic and minifacturing tools used for a variety of battlefield tasks, such as hacking, decryption, or repair. They are equipped by Engineers, Sentinels, and Infiltrators to make use of their tech talents."

New equipment can be acquired in a number of ways. As you progress in the game and defeat enemies you gain XP, money, and items. These new items are automatically placed in your inventory. You can also purchase items from merchants or take them from containers you find throughout the game. Merchants also allow you to purchase increased grenade or medi-gel capacity.

Medi-gel is a universal healing substance that restores the health of all squad members when used. Press the Y button (F on the PC) during combat to use medi-gel on your squad.

There is an inventory limit of 150 items, so it is important to keep your inventory as unoccupied as is reasonable. Any weapons, armors, or upgrades you or your squad aren't using can be sold for extra money or turned into omni-gel. Omni-gel is useful for opening locked containers and decrypting certain electronic devices, provided you have the requisite skill already.
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