All effects from potions/herbs etc are temporary. The only permanent change is that from the double-effect Throggi-holding-a-boulder vials (see below). Oh yeah - some temporary things last longer than others.

Healthy potion (short blue) 1 x Healing
Healthy potion (tall blue) 2 x Healing
Small vial (fancy blue) 3 x healing
Light green bottle Restores lost str & dex, Increases str & dex
Dark green bottle Restores lost strength points, increases strength
Smelly throggish brew Cures poison
Throg-holding-a-boulder vial Increases strength, 2nd one within a minute increases str to max, and also increases str permanently by one point
Bubbling blue potion (tan jar) Increases strength, 2nd one increases dex
Decanter with a red brew 1 x healing, drunk
Red mushroom Increases strength & agility
Green mushroom Cures poison, weakness, and ???
Spotted mushroom Removes magical effects?
Good smelling root 1 x healing
Really good smelling root 2 x healing
Musty smelling root ??? (no effect when eaten?)
Bad-smelling throg food Lowers strength by 1?
A home-cooked meal 1 x healing
Some faerie cake 1 x healing
Fine faerie cake 2 x healing
Rowanberries 1 x healing, drunk
Gladiola ??? (no effect when eaten?)
Foxglove ??? (no effect when eaten?)
Wild thyme ??? (no effect when eaten?)
St John's Wort Full cure & heal
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