Afri is not mentioned in the book THERA'S AWAKENING in the list of gods (at least not in the one I have). I'm not certain if this was a book-bug, or if this god was left out to confuse us poor mortals.

Khull Khuum, in the book, is named as the sun. In the scrolls in the dwarven library, it seems to be regarded as the 'lost planet', in between mars and jupiter, where the asteroid belt is now. Maybe they are suggesting that he was 'destroyed' by the other gods after they were freed?

Kor-soggoth (Ko-soggoth?) is spelled differently in different places (book & game).

The faeries spell Khull Khuum as Khull Khumm (?)

I wish the inventory would tell you what the items are. It is hard to tell which orbs are which when comparing the (color) picture in inventory with the (B&W) picture in the journal. I also have four different quivers, one of which is magical, and I can't tell which one.

I wish the game had some method for 'sliding' sideways. It would make checking for secret panels/buttons/fake walls much faster and easier.

The endgame STINKS! Ok, you're teleported back to the surface, everything turns green, etc, but WHAT HAPPENED? Is Khull Khuum defeated or destroyed? What happened to my companions, left in the tower? What What What?!? Unless these questions are answered in the sequel (ha ha ha), I think the finish of the story needed some definite help. This is especially disappointing after the *great* opening scene video, and some of the sequences within the game. 30 seconds (or less?) of video , mostly looking at plants grow, falls short of my expectations at this point.
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