Level List

Note: The map page numbers in the journal are not fixed (they will change themselves to match the levels you have been on). Use the level descriptions or the level number for absolute reference.

The page numbers given are those used in the journal when the game is almost complete. I *think* I have visited all of the possible areas, but if not, let me know. Any I have missed are not needed for finishing the game.

The levels are listed in the order I first visited them, not in the journal page order or the level number order. They do not need to be done in exactly this order to finish the game.

115Entrance to Stonekeep Entrance
21Ruins of Stonekeep, 1st levelUpper Keep
32Ruins of Stonekeep, 2nd levelLower Keep
43Sewers beneath StonekeepSewers
54Sharga mines, 1st levelMines1
65Sharga mines, 2nd levelMines2
76Entrance to the TempleTemple1
87Temple of ThroggiTemple2
98Feeding grounds, 1st levelLower FG
1110Dwarven FortressDwarf hall
109Feeding grounds, 2nd levelUpper FG
1312Ice Caverns Ice Caverns
1211Faerie RealmFaerie Realm
1413Gate of the AncientsThe Gate
1514The PitsThe Pits
1616Palace of Shadows Palace
17171st level Khull Khuum's Tower Tower1
2221Lair of the Dark DwarvesDark Lair
19182nd level Khull Khuum's Tower Tower2
20193rd level Khull Khuum's Tower Tower3
21204th level Khull Khuum's Tower Tower4
1822Thera's TempleThera's Temple
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